Enable app.debug.config app.release.config

Excellent post on how to transform App.config.

build. measure. learn.

For now only web.config supports transformation (web projects).
This transformations allow you can have different settings for different configurations (debug or release). A good example is transformation of a connection string. Probably you will have a different connection string when you release the app in production.

Doing the following steps you can obtain transformation on a app.config too.

1. Prepare your project and add app.config, app.debug.config and app.release.config. Make sure is running under .Net 4.0 .

2. Right click on the project, click Unload project and then Edit .csproj.

3. Below the last PropertyGroup add the following:

4. Modify the section ItemGroup that’s related to app.config/app.*.config files

5.Below the last Import tag insert this one

6.Right before end of Project tag add this

7.Now you can save the project, right click the project and choose Reload Project.

8.For app.debug.config / app.release.config files you can use the template that’s…

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One Response to Enable app.debug.config app.release.config

  1. Brandon King says:

    Great way to document the steps for web.config transformations. I didn’t realize you were already blogging.

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