Eliminating Internet Security Warning in Outlook 2007

May 12, 2014

Have you ever gotten this pesky little notification from Outlook each time you first open it up and perform a Send/Receive operation?

I did until I realized what Outlook was trying to tell me. In this article I make use of GoDaddy’s SecureServer mail server settings, but if you are encountering this error, it’s more than likely for the same underlying reason.

For a time I connected to GoDaddy’s servers without using SSL, so when I converted I left my connection urlsĀ the same, just changed up some ports and set Outlook to use SSL. Well in doing I made Outlook mad at me. It started telling me that GoDaddy’s certificate couldn’t be validated. Well that didn’t make any sense, because well, it’s GoDaddy. So I did some digging.

Since SSL certificates are only good for the domain name specified when purchasing them (unless it’s a wildcard certificate, but that’s another story). When I looked really carefully at the certificate, I noticed it was issued to pop.secureserver.net. Well that url isn’t being used in my Outlook connection settings, so I updated my settings (incoming mail server url in this case) to match the url that the certificate is issued to and voila.

For those not using GoDaddy, the url you should be using is listed in the Issued To field when you click on “View Certificate”. That field must match in your Outlook settings, otherwise, you will get this beautiful message.